Tarpon Fly Fishing in the Florida Panhandle

*2 day Minimum

Once summer starts to push in, so do the Tarpon! We as Tarpon fishing guides in this neck of the woods obsess about these enigmatic monsters and the anticipation of their arrival is almost too much. You start to hear of your buddies down south seeing some fish and then they show up here in the Panhandle. Its our turn…..

Tarpon trips are full day only and are one of the most exciting fishing experiences on the planet. Watching a string of 100lb fish swimming towards the boat in ultra-clear water is something every light tackle and fly fisherman needs to experience. We start guiding for Tarpon in early May all the way through August. Our range is from Cape San Blas, just West of Apalachicola, to Panama City Beach and everything in between. 

The Slow & Low Coastal Outfitters Difference

Tarpon use our waterways as part of their annual spawning migration. We know when and where they will be passing though and will put you, the angler, right in their path for your best shot at getting to tangle with one of these awesome fish. We stay on top of these fish throughout their time in our waters and are fanatical about making sure we are in the right spot, have the right fly, tied a strong leader and are ready to rock when that powder keg of a fish decides to eat. Its hard to even describe the excitement and sheer explosiveness of this type of trip. The fish is coming down the line, your knees start to rattle, you place the fly in its path and if you did it all right…..your world will never be the same.

Come fish with us and see first hand why this fish is so revered.

There is an amazing amount of bio-diversity in the Big Bend of Florida come summer time. The northern migration of our pelagic species is in full swing. If tarpon fishing is slow due to moon phases, water clarity or other natural processes, there’s no shortage of other quarry to target. Some of our favorite bruisers on fly or light tackle are jack crevalle, bonita, multiple shark species, kingfish, spanish mackerel and bull redfish.

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