Captain Patrick “PT” Tarpey

“People comment all the time about how passionate I am about this sport, the fish and the amazing opportunity I’m afforded to meet and spend a day on the water with new friends. I laugh because I left passion in the rear view mirror a long time ago. This is what I live for! There is nothing I look forward to more than spending the next day on the water, with a great client, creating memories…”

Patrick is a native Texan with an absolute OBSESSION with the water. Growing up in the rural south, then having the good fortune to travel this country and others opened the door of opportunities to fish various local spots and experience a vast number of eco-systems. Along his journey he was constantly exposed to a wealth of bio-diversity, different fishing situations and techniques. Whether he was in the States, Italy, or Japan, he was always finding his way into meeting new people and figuring out how to get on the water to target whatever was swimming.

“PT” has always had an affinity for the salt and now calls Santa Rosa Beach, Florida home. Surrounded by multiple World Class fisheries on the Gulf Coast, the abundance of species and seasonal changes are all perfect for his style of fishing. He is eager to share his experience with any willing participant. Patrick is known for fishing hard but providing his guests with a sense of true hospitality in a comfortable and inviting climate.

Slow and Low Coastal Outfitters caters to anglers of any skill level. Our trips are custom designed to accommodate the seasoned angler or someone looking to get into the sport. No matter your skill level, we have many options available to put you right in the middle of it! Contact us today so we can plan your next fishing experience on the water.

Patrick Tarpey | Santa Rosa Beach, FL | Slow & Low Coastal Outfitters