Kayak Fishing the Gulf

Kayak Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is one of our favorite trips! Most people are surprised to see what we target in our Hobie kayaks — you don’t have to be an athlete or professional kayaker for this charter. Extremely accessible for all skill levels and guaranteed to be one of the most unique and exciting angling experiences you’ll ever have. We at Slow and Low Coastal Outfitters specialize in shortening the learning curve so no matter your skill level, you can enjoy the great aquatic environment that is our backyard to the fullest! There are not many fishing experiences that are more “connected”. There is no engine noise, no fumes from fuel, and you are riding Slow and Low. You become part of the environment you are fishing as opposed to just skating across the top of it. It is truly interactive and the exact opposite of stepping on a charter boat and dropping some squid down to the bottom to reel up some reef fish. We fish the Gulf from Spring though the Fall depending on warming and cooling trends of the water temperature. Our Guides are intimately familiar with all the Gulf Fishes, their migration patterns, and their forage. We started Slow and Low in Kayaks and it is still something we are extremely passionate about.  We enjoy showing our guests this unique way of angling. If you are looking for a different type of charter then you have experienced in the past….look no further.

Spring brings warming water temps along with the first of the migratory fishes. Blackfin Tuna, Jack Crevalle, Cobia, Bonita, and the beginning push of King and Spanish Mackerel. Once summer arrives we run into all the before mentioned fishes and start to see our fist Mahi Mahi, Tarpon, Sailfish, and opportunities for Red Snapper during Season. We will see the majority of these fish in our local waters until thing start to cool off in November when everything migrates back down south only to return in Spring.

Kayak Fishing the Bay

Our local bay system offers an amazing array of great angling opportunities. We fish the St. Andrews Bay system in Panama City Beach or Choctawhatchee Bay in Santa Rosa Beach. Species include Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, and Sheepshead. We recommend a Gulf trip for beginning Kayak anglers. It is a simpler and more accessible introduction to the sport in the Gulf. To be successful in the bay, casting skills and controlling your kayak are a bit more of a factor but we are always willing to accommodate those looking to explore the back waters and bay systems in our specialized Hobie Kayaks.

Our Bay Fishing trip is also a great option for all you fly fisherman and light tackle enthusiasts.

Stand-Up Paddle Board Fishing

Sight Fishing on a stand-up paddle board will change your world!